Production manager

Job Responsibilities:
1) According to sales forecasts and customer orders, reasonably formulate and execute production plans, ensure quality and quantity, complete production tasks on time, and meet customer needs;
2) Complete the production efficiency improvement goals set by the company/department;
3) Responsible for analyzing material loss data, formulating relevant methods, ensuring material loss control rate, and achieving the company's material loss target;
4) Promote and improve the quality of the project, reduce quality risks, and reduce quality costs;
5) Personnel management within the jurisdiction and team building work;
6) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

job requirements:
1) More than 5 years of experience in large-scale factory management, familiar with EMS manufacturing related processes;
2) Have strong communication and expression, organization and coordination, and internal promotion capabilities;
3) Familiar with PCBA processing and assembly related processes;
4) Have a strong sense of responsibility, ability to withstand stress, and a cheerful and enthusiastic personality.

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