project manager

Job Responsibilities:
1) Product quotation: Receive customer information and initiate a workflow on OA. After the quotation is completed, analyze the quotation data and improve the data that does not meet the standard;
2) Order management: receiving customer orders and order entry. The internal organization initiates purchase suggestions, follows up the complete set of materials information, and arranges production and delivery together with the production plan. Perform system invoicing and follow up the payment data;
3) Gross profit management: Regularly analyze and improve the gross profit of the responsible project to ensure the competitiveness of the project;
4) Trial production of new products: receive small batch orders of samples from customers, organize internal personnel to conduct trial production, and conduct trial production summary;
5) Customer complaint handling: receiving customer complaints, organizing internal personnel to respond to customer complaint reports, and follow up on the improvement of internal customer complaints;
6) Relevant work of overseas companies: organize weekly meetings with overseas companies, and cooperate with overseas companies to complete project-related work;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

job requirements:
1) Have more than 3 years of project management experience, familiar with EMS production and manufacturing related processes, and familiar with PCBA and assembly related processes;
2) Outgoing, cheerful and enthusiastic. Strong sense of responsibility, carefulness, patience, and a good sense of teamwork;
3) Fluent in English reading and writing or overseas project experience is preferred.

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