quality engineer

Job Responsibilities:
1) Responsible for leading the quality related work and data statistical analysis of the new project stage;
2) Responsible for the analysis and improvement of the company's internal quality abnormalities;
3) Responsible for the formulation of the company's internal quality inspection standards;
4) Responsible for coordinating the quality communication between the company and customers and handling abnormal situations reported by customers;
5) Responsible for the continuous improvement of product quality, formulating corresponding improvement plans, and supervising and tracking the progress of the plan;
6) Complete other tasks assigned by the leader. ,

job requirements:
1) More than two years of work experience in electronics manufacturing;
2) Familiar with PCB and PCBA inspection standards;
3) Understand the relevant content of the 8D report, and output the 8D report;
4) Familiar with the system and related knowledge of quality statistics;
5) Proficiency in using office software;
6) Have good communication and coordination skills and strong learning ability;
7) Computer/electronics related majors are preferred.

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