Core Competence
BRIO possess vertically-integrated manufacturing capability, comply with concept of integrated manufacturing process design, and focus on each manufacturing loop.
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Design and development capabilities

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Design Development Capability: From product concept conceiving to stable SOP during product life cycle.

Initial Product Intervention:

integrate development resources and years of internal process design engineering capabilities to promote the product concept into SOP delivery.Our team can provide you the technical support for overall product design from the very beginning to realize your product ideas.The degree of our participation flexibly customized by your demands in different phases, including product consultation, design, hardware & software development, prototype verification, manufacturing, intellectual property rights, operation and maintenance management, etc. You are the decider to choose service category from our project management, product design (software, hardware) and any others you propose.

Assist customer to be more competitive:

Our years of technological lesson learn can provide customer with distinctly variant competitive advantages. We assist customer to carry out product development in the meantime delivery. We can undertake customer’s project partial RD demands or whole product RD needs. In the product initial phase, we can control product cost and quality assurance by considering material selection (localization), DFM (best practice), product measurabiltiy and other factors to provide customer with preferred solution.

Test development: 

Combining our years of production experience and testing capabilities, we can effectively evaluate and design for customer product test solution, including programs download, PCBA testing, and machine 3F testing, etc.

Circuit board design

Altium tools and others
Flexible and a combination of rigid and flexible PCB
PCB Engineering、 Layering
Impedance control
Fine Pitch SMT and BGA

Blind hole and Buried hole
uVia / uVia-in-pad / Plug-in-pad Technology
Embedded capacitance and resistance
2 to 30 layers of PCB
Flip chip and chip-level packaging technology

Industrial and structural design:

We cooperate with professional companies to develop high-quality appearance and structural-stacking solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our designers specialize in product shell, plastic, sheet metal, casting and extrusion, and are all expert in transferring them into highly manufacturing designs. We provide rapid mechanical prototypes, including SLA, RTV, and appearance models by using our internal professional data. From the initial concept to the final product, we help customer develop the customized solution that meet their complicated needs. We never evade challenges, and we have professional know-how to quickly realize the customer structure design.

User Research and interviews
Product Research
Quick Concept visualization sketch
Conceptual rendering


User testing
Parametric CAD modeling
User interface design
User flow chart

Wireframes, models, clickable prototypes, and UI flow animations

Software design:

BRIO together with cooperative software development team to provide extensive design support for OEM in the embedded application market, and the business module involves programs application and software drivers as well as testing and diagnosis. We take advantage of cooperative relationships with major MCU supplier to supplement our overall software development capabilities. We provide traceability and strict design methods, and use various tools and methods to bug and issue track, revision control, code review, code inspection and function verification. Our goal is to meet customer requirements within the scope of the project schedule and budget.

We can provide the code that gives life to the product

Development language:

C, C++ ,C#
Basic, VB 6.0, VB.NET

Development Platform:
Visual studio 、Others

Customized software

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