Software Engineer

1) Participate in the implementation of the project MES system and cooperate with the project manager and MES technical consultant to complete various tasks;
2) Responsible for functional unit testing of each module, analysis of test results and feedback to technical consultants;
3) Participate in project requirements research, system design, review research requirements report and system design report;
4) Project maintenance and technical support;
5) Responsible for the system maintenance and problem solving for the normal operation of MES system;
6) Obey the task arrangement of the direct supervisor, and report the work progress and work trend to the supervisor in time;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

1) Proficient in using C# language for program development and debugging;
2) Proficient in SQL Server database;
3) At least 1 year working experience in IT industry or related field;
4) Knowledge of network integration systems, Windows operating systems, network security, data storage, etc;
5) MES system design and maintenance experience in manufacturing enterprises is preferred;
6) Proficient in using office and other office software;
7) Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or computer science;
Strong communication skills, organization and coordination ability, analysis and problem solving ability and team cooperation ability.