Integrated Manufacturing Solution

We possess vertically-integrated manufacturing capability, comply with concept of integrated manufacturing process design, and focus on each manufacturing loop. We are equipped with various advanced equipment, including SMT, PCBA, COB, automatic screw fasten, ultrasonic welding, Pulse hot pressing welding(Hot bar), robot welding, Process-fit, wire harness, machine potting, surface Coating, Box Build, product aging, etc. All configured production equipment has been involved into our MES system for effective traceability management.


We provide the service from PCBA to BOX building, the services refer to technical integration for all process realization and special process methods for product customization. We provide customers with lead-free process (RoHS),some traditional process requirements also included.


According to customer requirements, process design analysis using BRIO-based manufacturing design baseline.


DFM analysis
 (Design for Manufacturing)


DFT analysis
(Design for Testability)


DFA analysis
(Design for Assembly)


DFR analysis
(Design for Repair)

Products are manufactured to international standards such as J-STD-001/IPC

High standard manufacturing capability


Surface Mounted Technology

Screen Printing(Solder Paste、Bonding agent),with laser or step stencil

Online SPI(3D SPI)

Online Glue Dispenser

NPM series Mounter(Can meet the 01005 packaging components production needs)

N2 Reflow/Air Reflow

Pin-in-paste process

POP Placement Process

Online AOI -SMT


PCBA and Box building

Customized component lead configuration pre-process


Wave soldering

PCBA segmentation(Routers、Punches、V-CUT)

Robot Welding

Pulse hot pressing welding USW(Ultrasonic welding)Process-fit

Cleaning after soldering(Ultrasonic Cleaning、Pure water cleaning、manual cleaning)

Manual soldering

Off-line AOI for DIP

Circuit Board protection(Coating、Epoxy)COB

Micro-area Clean Assembly

Box Assembly /Packing

product testing

Box assembly Testing

Routine test(High Voltage test, insulation test, leakage current test, impedance test) Aging

Structural components and package material customization

Provide various kinds of structural materials from plastic injection, aluminum extrusion/die casting, sheet metal processing, CNC processing and other services, vertically integrate supply chain resources, and provide customers with the comprehensive one-stop needs.

Intelligent Warehouse Management

We use intelligent racks in a certain area of the warehouse in plant to ensure effectively FIFO management for raw materials. Through systematically regular management, we can integrate inventory resource and data to support accurate and effective traceability refer to real-time inventory and material information. In addition to the raw material management, we also provide customers with the Turnkey delivery service , and dispatch the finish package products directly to the sales outlets or final consumers to realize the closed-loop management.