Supply chain management:

We possess years of supply chain management experience, and keep good cooperation and strategic relationships with international A-list brand dealers, and simultaneously expand domestic localized brands to carry out supply chain in aspect of quality,delivery, cost, etc. And multiple procurement centers promote group-type procurement model and strategy formation.

-Professional and rigorous AVL management and Source map maintenance
-Quickly response to the procurement demands and technical support of designated brands
-BRIO has established multiple business networks around the world for centralized procurement to optimize costs
-Continuous development and maintenance management of brand dealer resources to improve supply and bargain ability

-Periodic supplier performance evaluation and coaching management

-Continuous development of localized resources to provide qualified choices refer to passive components, integrated circuits, active components, connectors, PCB, structural parts, etc.

-Professional channel development and management team, early alert and dualization development reserve management for EOL materials, including active underwriter development and lower defect risk.
-VMI management for core materials and dealers, optimize the purchase logic to formulate effective management plan, and finish deliver according to the characteristics of supply and demand

-Professional customs management. Accurate management throughout the entire process from material import to finished product export, familiar with the customs group strategy of various countries