SMT Test Engineer

1) Organize and evaluate the introduction, installation, acceptance and asset management of new SMT testing equipment/tooling;
2) Responsible for the management and maintenance of production SMT testing equipment (AOI, FCT) tooling;
3) Responsible for the programming, debugging, continuous improvement and change management of SMT testing equipment;
4) Timely handling test procedures and test tooling, equipment abnormalities, to ensure the normal production of mass production products;
5) Responsible for the production of SMT testing equipment operator training and safe operation management;
6) Responsible for workshop MES system maintenance and daily problem handling;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

1) At least 1 year experience in AOI/SPI programming and equipment operation;
2) Proficient in the basic knowledge of various electronic components and devices, welding effect testing and debugging programs;
3) Proficient in using Cam350, office and other software tools, with a certain foundation of model electricity and digital electricity;
4) Proficient in programming, maintenance, operation and maintenance of AOI/SPI equipment of relevant brands such as Delphi, Heli and Stec, and FCT equipment of Meizhu are preferred;
5) College or above, major in electronic information, communication engineering, electrical automation, computer, etc.