Test Engineer

1) Responsible for the evaluation, import, installation and acceptance of new customers or new test schemes;
2) Responsible for evaluating and developing some new product testing programs;
3) Responsible for the management and maintenance of production test equipment and test tooling;
4) Responsible for the continuous optimization and innovation of product testing programs;
5) Responsible for personnel training and other related work;
6) Deal with daily test problems to ensure the normal production of products;
7) Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

1) At least 1 year of test hardware development or 2 years of test engineer related working experience;
2) Labview, C language (equivalent) related embedded programming foundation;
3) Proficient in using Altium, Cam350, office and other software tools;
4) have a certain analog electronics, digital electronic circuit foundation, skilled use of oscilloscope, multimeter and other measurement tools;
5) No color recognition obstacle;
6) College degree or above, major in electronic information, communication engineering, electrical automation, computer, etc;
Proficient in AVR or 51 single-chip microcomputer (equivalent or above), able to use one for product testing and development, and skilled in using ICT(MDA) testing equipment of German law and other brands is preferred.