Electronic Engineer

1)EMS RFQ/NPI processing BOM and EQ and system establishment;
2) Assist the Sourcer in the confirmation of the specifications of substitute materials for the materials that have been stopped in the inquiry;
3) Inspection and verification of cable sample materials in sample stage;
4) Confirmation of sample trial drawing/BOM;
5) Track proofing and solve problems in sample production;
6) Responsible for part recognition and FA confirmation, special inspection point marking (non-standard);
7)ECR/ECN/ECT processing;
8) Support the analysis and resolution of non-conformance and abnormal problems in production and engineering;
9) Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.

1) At least 2 years relevant working experience;
2) Proficient in using Dxp, Cam350, office and other software tools;
Familiar with EMS engineering product manufacturing process to understand the identification of electronic devices and electrical parameters.