Integrated Manufacturing Solution

We possess vertically-integrated manufacturing capability, comply with concept of integrated manufacturing process design, and focus on each manufacturing loop. We are equipped with various advanced equipment, including SMT, PCBA, COB, automatic screw fasten, ultrasonic welding, Pulse hot pressing welding(Hot bar), robot welding, Process-fit, wire harness, machine potting, surface Coating, Box Build, product aging, etc. All configured production equipment has been involved into our MES system for effective traceability management.

Quality control

Quality Policy: Customer-oriented, excellent quality and full participation, and innovation-driven as our business management foundation. Customer upmost, quality first; Full participation, efficient innovation.

Supply chain management:

We possess years of supply chain management experience, and keep good cooperation and strategic relationships with international A-list brand dealers, and simultaneously expand domestic localized brands to carry out supply chain in aspect of quality,delivery, cost, etc. And multiple procurement centers promote group-type procurement model and strategy formation.

CFT mode

BRIO adhere to CFT (focus on customers)-oriented management mode and structure, and CFT team exclusive project managers organize the process from product design to project development. Customer orientation concept enables us to guarantee high quality and reliability with dedicated cooperation, strictly abide by customer delivery timeline, and provide thorough and continuous communication. In order to keep transparent and efficient to the maximum during coping with customer challenges, the cross-functional end-to-end management model is preferred, which supports more deeply comprehending needs of various customers and product application scenarios, and more quick and professional respond.
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